How can this app help you?

  • This app puts your data right into your hands. Replace your standard Paper Forms with compliant electronic forms that are available at your Fingertips.
  • Store any HTML form-based information directly on your device, and access it anytime, anywhere. Your critical information won't get misplaced, misfiled, or become log-jammed.
  • The app comes with over 30 pre-build form templates. It also allows users to import their own custom form templates (created in HTML format).
  • We can also help to convert customer forms into electronic format to be used in Forms-2-Go app. Please Contact us to receive an estimate.
  • Created forms can be Emailed, Shared as a file, and Printed. Find more information here.
  • Forms-2-Go app is available on all major mobile platforms:
    iPad, iPhone, Android (tablets and phones) , BlackBerry PlayBook.
  • Forms-2-Go is also available on Windows PC.

Have Questions?

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