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Version 5.4

New Features
  • Better support for downloading video clips

  • Ability to download images first

  • Improved download of large websites, over 2GB.

Version 5.3.5

New Features
  • Faster uploads of downloaded websites to iPad/ iPhone / iPod touch.

Version 5.3

New Features
  • Uploads downloaded websites directly to iPad/ iPhone / iPod touch.

  • Also available on Macs.

Version 5.2

New Features
  • Compatibility with Microsoft Windows 7.

  • Improved HTML parser.

Bug fixes
  • Minor UI issues.

  • The program log file may not show error information when WebCopier can't save downloaded files in a folder that requires user confirmation.

Version 5.1

New Features
  • Support for HTML 5 video and audio tags.

  • Ability to print downloaded websites via external browser.

Version 5.0

New Features
  • Redesigned Office 2007-like User Interface.

  • Ability to download FTP sites.

Version 4.6

New Features
  • Improved HTML parser.

  • Improved CSS support (@import, url())

Bug fixes
  • Links like "#main" may be inproperly converted into relative form.

Version 4.5

New Features
  • Generates Google Sitemap files to inform search engines about URLs on a websites that are available for crawling.

  • Improved HTML parser.

Bug fixes
  • Some redirected URL may not be downloaded.

Version 4.4

New Features
  • Includes improved parser that now can analyze additional file types: PDF, XML, RSS, compressed SWF, FLV, WAP, VRML, SVG and MP3 Play lists.

  • The program can also convert links inside Flash (SWF) files for offline browsing. This feature is controlled by corresponding setting in "Project Settings / Pro Settings" window. By default, it's turned off.

  • Checks each download file completeness.

  • Resumes download of incomplete files.

  • Creates backup copy of project files to prevent data loss.

Version 4.3

New Features
  • More powerful Professional (DHTML and JavaScript) parser.

  • Improved Record Pages You Browse feature.

  • The program now can automatically check for new versions.

  • More accurate Java applets parsing.

Bug fixes
  • Occasional program freezes.
    When downloading some web sites, users could experience program lock-ups when it stops responding to user commands.

  • Downloaded files encryption wasn't working.
    The program provides high level of privacy protection - encryption of project files and all files downloaded from a web site ("Project Settings / Advanced / Privacy" window). While be able to encrypt project files, the program failed to encrypt downloaded files.

Version 4.2

New Features
  • New Export Project wizard.
    The program can now export project data in multiple formats:
    • MHT web archive
    • CHM file (requires installation of a free copy of Microsoft HTML Help Workshop)
    • Can copy all downloaded files into Microsoft Internet Explorer cache directory
    • Can export information about downloaded files (URL, file name, file date etc.) into a Text file (in comma or tab separated format).
    • Also, the wizard can put downloaded files in password-protected Zip file.
    The "Export Project" wizard has replaced "Copy Project" wizard.

  • Automatic project data export.
    User can choose to export project data automatically right after project download has been completed ("Project Settings / Pro Settings" window).

  • Recursive download method.
    A new "Recursive" method has been added to existing "Balanced" download method ("Project Settings / Pro Settings" window). Instead of downloading a web site level-by-level, the new methods perform downloads branch-by-branch. This approach can be useful when you download a large site with pictures located several levels deep in different branches or external sites, and you want to retrieve first pictures as soon, as possible.

  • Improved JavaScript parsing.

Bug fixes
  • Didnít retain original file data and time.
    The program didnít retain original file data and time if "Convert links during download" or "Check if the file exists in cache" options ("Project Settings / Advanced / Download" window) have been selected.

  • Links conversion problem.
    Some links may not be converted when "Convert links during download" option was used.

  • High CPU usage.
    New version consumes less CPU and provides better control of CPU usage (through a slide bar on "Download Info" window).

Version 4.1

New Features
  • Contents Tree enhancement.
    Now it can show either website Structure (graphical representation of how site pages are linked to each other), or site Map (directory structure of the site).

  • Faster links conversion.
    The program has a new option to convert links during download, not after it. It allows to speed-up the conversion process.

  • Integrated Browser enhancements.
    - Browser remembers entered URL that can be later selected from the address combobox.
    - Direct access to Microsoft Internet Explorer Favorites and Netscape Bookmarks.

  • Updated Help system.
    The updated Help contains detailed information about all new program features.

  • Tip of the day.

  • Redesigned Welcome window.

  • Print Web Site command.
    This new 'File' menu command is the most convenient way to print downloaded website. Also, all Print commands are grouped under new pop-up menu "File / Print".

  • Improved support of DHTML events.

  • Easy way to handle multiple starting URLs in a single project.
    When the 'Download from URL list' option is selected, user can do the following:
    - Paste URLs from Clipboard.
    - Change URLs order by moving them up and down on the list.

  • Custom error page.
    The program now can show custom error page when a file can't be found during offline (and online) browsing. This page provides additional information about the file that may help to find out why itís missing. To turn this new option 'on' or 'off', use the corresponding control on "Project Settings / Contents" window.

Bug fixes
  • Links conversion error.
    During the conversion the program may improperly insert several extra characters at the end of a file.

  • 'Record Pages You Browse' problem.
    Couldn't record pages that prevent caching by browser.

  • Couldn't import Netscape 7.x bookmarks.

  • Command line parameters.
    Trial version had problems starting download when it was started by using command line parameters.

Version 4.0

Main Features
  • Projects management window
    - It provides fast and easy access to all your projects.
    - You can select multiple projects and download them one after another.
    - The window supports drag-and-drop and copy/paste operations.
    - You can create multiple folders to group related projects.

  • Multiple projects download
    You can select multiple projects, start download and the program will process them one after another.

  • Enhanced Integrated browser
    - It gives you control over pop-up windows and allows you to block, ignore or redirect them.
    - Can block JavaScript error windows.

  • New DHTML and JavaScript parser
    Now you can choose between standard parser and a brand-new professional parser that has the following advantages:
    - More accurate JavaScript and DHTML parsing.
    - Improved HTML forms submission.
    - It can convert links on-fly during parsing.

  • Large sites downloads
    This product is designed to be able download very large websites by speeding-up the following processes:
    - Internal links indexing.
    - Faster resuming downloads.
    - Better links conversion.

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