Teach Viruses a Lesson.

Once upon a time, there was a Holiday party where many people got very sick.

A young doctor, you, wants to save his friends, now patients, by fighting the disease.

You found the most effective way for that - shrink yourself, and exterminate viruses and germs from inside.

Your mission: travel through your patient's body, destroying evil viruses and germs, and saving the good blood platelets.

Hint: some doors are locked and require keys. You will see the keys after scoring enough points.

Good luck, micro-Doctor!
And, don't tickle your friend too much. :-)

Available on
iPhone iPhone, iPad iPad, Android Android. .

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Game Goals

  • Travel through your patient's body.
  • Destroy evil viruses and germs.
  • Saving the good blood platelets.


On Mobile device

  • - Use Left onscreen joystick for Movement.
  • - Use Right onscreen joystick for Direction.
  • - Double Tap to Fire.
  • - Swipe Left or Right to change Weapon.
  • - Swipe Up to Jumpt.