Secure storage for your files.

App provides 3 layers of protection:
- app level - by app passcode;
- folder level - by a password;
- individual file level - by allowing to protect file by its own password.

These levels of protection are completely Optional, you don't have to use all (any) of them.

Use privateFiles for:

- Storing files
- Organizing and protecting important documents

What makes privateFiles app different?

• Intuitive design and interface
• Easy to import, organize and view files
• Supports wide range of file formats: Word, Excel, PDF, ZIP, text, html, images, videos, presentations

Available on
iPhone iPhone, iPad iPad, Android Android,
Windows Windows PCs and Mac Macs. .

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on Mobile device

on Computer

Main Features

  • The app works on phones, tables, computers.
  • Easy to use and Intuitive interface
  • Detailed Help system
  • 3 layers of protection
  • Stores and protects files
  • Can protect app access by passcode (PIN) code with full support for Touch ID and Face ID
  • Allows to protect individual folder by a password
  • Can protect file by its own password

Advanced Features

  • - Unlimited number of folders
  • - Unlimited number of stored files
  • - Unlimited nested folders - folders within other folders
  • - Share stored files with other people or apps
  • - Easy to use Import and Export
  • - Backup folders

    • The privateFiles app stores files directly on your device.
    • Your data is never uploaded to our servers.
    • Please ensure you perform backups of your phone or tablet to ensure if you lose your device, your data isn't lost.